4th Healthy Foods in the Workplace Forum

Invitation Only with Registration to Congress* (includes lunch)
If you are a Wellness Manager, Chief Medical Director, Global Wellness Manager or Benefits Director intersted in attending please email Sarah Hunt at Sarah@WellnessAssociation.com. 

For the third year in a row the Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA) is hosting its “Healthy Foods in the Workplace Forum.” This roundtable discussion will provide an unprecedented networking opportunity for employers.

More than ever, corporations are implementing wellness strategies to lower healthcare premiums and costs as well as to improve workplace productivity and presenteeism.  Many employers are realizing this applies to food in and out of the workplace, and that there is truth in the famous phrase, “You are what you eat.”  Employers are now focusing on implementing initiatives in the workplace and the home. Many have asked the Corporate Health & Wellness Association to take the lead in bringing employers together to collaborate on best practices and solutions for getting employees and their families to eat healthier.  Join us for complimentary healthy lunch that provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with other leading employers on successful implementation of healthy options in the workplace.  This open discussion will also address some of the challenges employers are facing on this issue.

If you would like to attend this year’s Healthy Foods in the Workplace Forum please email Sarah Hunt at Sarah@WellnessAssociation.com.