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The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) is the premier event for insurance agents, brokers and consultants. The Congress encompasses six industry conference tracks; Healthcare Reform, Health Insurance Exchages, Voluntary Benefits, Self Funding & Workers Compensation, Corporate Wellness and Global Benefits with over 120 presenters and 60+ breakouts.

The educational content and workshops are designed specifically for agents to receive the tools and knowledge to succeed and prosper under Healthcare Reform. The sessions are delivered from the nation’s top experts and leaders, delivering content that you need and could not gain elsewhere.

We develop our content so you’re not drowning in sales presentations; just 100 percent valuable education, practical tools and resources to implement in your benefits practice.

“It’s no longer a one-time deal of finding a product and expecting to stay in business. Agents need to play a dynamic role as a trusted advisor and consultant. As Henry Ford once said, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you always got’. This year’s summit is a MUST attend for any agent in the benefits and healthcare industry!”

Pani Tademeti

HR Manager-NCFlex Program

NC Office of State Personnel

As leaders in Healthcare Reform for the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, we strategically chose September for our annual event. After collaboration with industry players and consulting with them on our knowledge, it was unanimous that this was the most critical time because of the final rules, interpretations and regulations coming to the surface in late Fall by the IRS, HHS AND DOL.


This timing is critical to provide you all the guidance and updates you need regarding healthcare reform. If there is any time to break away and educate yourself, it’s our event you cannot afford to miss.

Get Certified

Sit in on advanced course sessions at the event and receive your designation in any of the four specialist certifications:

Why Attend

  • Become a leader in Healthcare Reform, Health Insurance Exchanges, Corporate Wellness, Self Funding, Voluntary Benefits and Global Benefits.
  • Learn the innovative practices of leading employers through Employer Case Studies and understand what they are looking for from their benefits broker. With evidence-based knowledge, you will gain insight into what the employer is thinking about healthcare reform and their other benefits.
  • Network with Human Resource Executives and develop new relationships.
  • Attend our Benefits Consultant Summit and take your career to the next level. This unique opportunity will jump start your focus, put rocket fuel into your benefits business and leverage it to the next level.
  • Find progressive ideas, concepts, insurance products and new solution providers.
  • Learn how to maximize commission and alternative revenue sources, including revolutionary sources of commission and consulting fees under healthcare reform; as well as other products and services.
  • Learn best practices from employers and other benefits brokers.


  • Earn up to 14 SPHR Re-Certification Credits
  • Earn up to 12 Continuing Education Credits for Agents, Brokers and Consultants
  • Nationally Approved by 50 States

Key Topics for Broker Growth & Development

  • Healthcare Reform Updates: Let our experts sift through it all and provide you essential and fundamental information specifically for you to be proactive. Developed from the original leaders of Healthcare Reform; attend our tracks that are part of the National Healthcare Reform Conference™, the first and only dedicated event for healthcare reform in the country, run by the Healthcare Reform Magazine and the Healthcare Reform Center and Policy Institute.
  • Learn how to create a six figure business consulting in Corporate Wellness, as well as Corporate Wellness Innovation and Engagement Strategies that actually work.
  • Learn from case studies of Self Funded employers and the creative, out-of-the-box strategies implemented to lower costs, while keeping their employees healthy and productive. This is your front row access to why self funding is going to explode under ACA.
  • Global Benefits: Learn from case studies of multinational corporations and how they are going global and managing benefits for their locations throughout the world.
  • Voluntary Benefits: Learn how employers are leveraging voluntary benefits to attract and retain employees. Be at the forefront of what is new and on the horizon for voluntary benefits.
  • Broker Leadership Tracks: Attend our leadership and inspirational tracks to reenergize your passion and focus in the industry. The valuable insight will you help you inspire your support staff, increase productivity, successfully balance work life and allow you to accomplish more.

Additional Events and Educational Opportunities at the EHBC

  • Partake in the Benefits Consultant Summit as we facilitate several roundtable discussions on strategic planning, growth opportunities and practical tips on ways to rebuild your business and generate revenue. The summit is designed for unique networking, strategic collaboration and impactful development. Click Here to learn more.
  • Meet with the innovative, progressive service providers and solution experts in the industry. The EHBC works closely with thought leaders and powerful partners who are passionate about the advancement of employer healthcare.

VIP Access and Red Carpet Treatment

Broker Free VIP Program

  • Up to 400 VIP Passes for qualifying Brokers, Agents, Consultants and decision makers.

This is your opportunity to attend the conference with a complementary, VIP registration:

A Complimentary Pass will include:

  • Access to all six Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress’s educational sessions, seminars and workshops: National Healthcare Reform, Health Insurance Exchang, Corporate Wellness, Voluntary Benefits, Self Funding & Workers Compensation, and Global Benefits
  • Access to the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress Exhibit Hall
  • Access to the networking software where you can pre-schedule, one-on-one meetings
  • Access to the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress Exhibit Hall
  • Access to all Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress sessions