Summary of Benefits for CHRS


Certified means educatedAccess at least 14 Educational Video Modules taught by National Leaders from organizations such as the NAIC, AMA, University of Miami, Deloitte, Marsh and more; CHRS is recognized by the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute, National Healthcare Reform Magazine and Healthcare Reform Conference™, Self Funding Employer Association, Corporate Health & Wellness Association and Global Benefits Association
Drive your visibility up– Become featured on the Healthcare Reform Magazine website as a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist, receiving direct click through leads
Improve your marketability – Use the certification seal and professional CHRS designation on your business cards, websites and social media profiles
Prove your dedication– Showcase your Diploma/Degree in your office representing your advanced knowledge and expertise
Stay informed and steps ahead of your competition– Access exclusive updates via webcasts and webinars detailing new rules or regulations, or proposed rules or regulations
Share the experience– Access key takeaways for agents and brokers to use with clients and prospective clients
Refresh and share Receive a comprehensive workbook which can be reviewed as needed and shared with administrative staff to keep them engaged in your business
Seize solutions– Access our professional network to obtain support for your healthcare reform questions to better serve your clients
Stay tuned inDemonstrate your ongoing expertise through timely updates and access to mandatory as well as voluntary continuing education modules which constantly keep you one step ahead. Receive our Healthcare Reform Alerts, updating you immediately on new and proposed rules, guidelines and FAQ’s from IRS, DOL and HHS, exclusively for CHRS participants.
Share the wealth– Obtain group discounts, packages, learning tools and other benefits