Corporate Health & Wellness Association Featured in Forbes

Wellness programs are an effective means to lower healthcare costs, increase productivity and foster goodwill among an employee population. However, if they are implemented incorrectly, wellness programs can lead to legal liability from numerous state and federal laws. Recently Forbes Contributor Dan Munro wrote an article entitled “Are Workplace Wellness Programs Legal?” discussing this topic.

Among those featured in the article was Jonathan Edelheit, Director of the Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA) who discussed the future of wellness programs when he said the following. “As we get closer to the end of the year and employers realize the mandate [for providing health coverage] and the fines are here to stay, there is going to be a big shift to the “stick’ and “penalty” approach in wellness. Employers who aren’t offering health insurance now, and do so to avoid the fines, will implement the stick approach simply as a cost savings approach and to shift some of the burden and responsibility to employees. Since the ACA doesn’t reduce healthcare or insurance costs, those with existing wellness programs are going to be forced to consider and utilize the stick/penalty approach simply as a long term way to make employees accountable and to cost shift.”

Mr. Edelheit’s quote in Forbes comes alongside a partnership between the magazine and the CHWA. This partnership will culminate in a special advertising section to appear in the September 29, 2014 Healthcare/Best Hospitals issue and will explore how new and innovative approaches to corporate wellness are increasing business profitability. In partnership with the CHWA, Forbes has discounted rates of up to 76 percent off of the open net rates for first-time advertisers in the section. For more information, visit contact Sarah Hunt: [email protected]

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