Employee Benefits is a Global Issue

As companies become more globalized, they are facing issues with providing their employees with benefits. Nations handle their insurance differently, and companies need a different approach for wherever they operate.  Countries like the U.S. are experiencing change in their insurance industries, in the U.K. all citizens receive government backed insurance, and in China employee benefits is becoming a booming industry. Any company operating in these countries needs to know how to navigate all of these currents simultaneously. The Global Benefits Association (GBA) is an organization seeking to make this easier for their members.

The goals of the GBA are to create transparency in the industry of global benefits and to provide a forum  information sharing for their members. Today, September 21, 2014, they held their annual meeting at the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress to discuss how to better further these goals. The meeting, chaired by David Bryan, CEO of the GBA covered topics such as what the overall organization is meant to represent and their goals of 2015. The meeting was open to all.

2015 will be a productive year for the GBA with a launch of a resource center, an educational certificate and another conference. For more information on the GBA visit: http://www.globalbenefitsassociation.com/