Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress to Showcase Innovations in Voluntary Benefits

The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress will host a session titled “Innovations in Voluntary Benefits Programs Reshaping the Benefits World” as part of their annual conference, taking place October 2 – 4 in Los Angeles, CA. This panel discussion will feature industry leaders sharing their experience with new voluntary benefits products that are shaping the benefits industry and will examine how the past and present of these products will impact the future.

Panelists for this session include:

  • Moderator – Robert Shestack, Chairman & CEO – Voluntary Benefits Association (VBA) & President – GHR Health & Productivity Practice
  • Elizabeth Halkos – Chief Revenue Officer for Purchasing Power
  • Edward Sutton – Manager, Benefits Solutions – LifeLock Inc.
  • Tom Wamberg – Chief Executive Officer – Wamberg Genomic Advisors

“I am very excited to share my experience with the attendees of the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress,” said Tom Wamberg. “The employee benefits industry is moving very quickly and employers need to be ready for these changes or risk losing to those who are. Whether it is genomic testing, ID protection, or financial wellness programs, employers need to offer their employees the tools they need to be healthy and productive, and these products are only the beginning.

Attendees interested in discovering more about voluntary benefits can partake in other sessions detailing the future and trends in voluntary benefits such as “Why ERISA Matters: Avoiding Compliance Pitfalls of Voluntary Benefits Governance.” Attendees can also attend the annual Voluntary Benefits Association meeting on Monday, October 2 at 2:15 pm.

“Voluntary benefits products will be a helpful tool for employers in the future,” said Jonathan Edelheit. “As they look for new and innovative ways to attract the best talent with great benefits at a low cost, employers will turn to voluntary products. The time to catch up on the trends, laws, and products in the voluntary space is now or employers risk getting left behind.”

About the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress

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