Somatic Functional Therapy is Morning Activity host for 2014 Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress

The 6th Annual Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) is pleased to announce Somatic Functional Therapy as a newly confirmed Morning Activity host for the 2014 conference taking place September 21-24 in Washington D.C.

Somatic Functional Therapy’s mission is to dramatically improve health and reduce healthcare costs with research-proven, comprehensive health and wellness programs that are efficient, cost-effective, and produce nationwide impact. Somatic Functional Therapy (SFT), founded in 1987, is a research-proven educational-therapeutic system, shown in clinical trials to resolve pain, reduce stress and improve stress-related conditions. SFT-based health and wellness programs have been tested for over 10 years at a major health system and with large employer groups, and found to be effective for prevention, wellness, pain resolution and disease management.

The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress consists of six niche insurance industry conference tracks;

With multiple initiatives and platforms to unite the thriving employer healthcare industry, the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) is one of the largest US healthcare conferences in the country. Riding off the success of the 2013’s event, The 2014 6th Annual Employer Healthcare & Benefit Congress anticipates up to 2,500 attendees, up to 200 Exhibitors and Sponsors, introduces an enhanced and expanded Hosted Employer & Broker VIP Program; inviting up to 1,000 Employer & Broker VIPS, as well as a game changing concept that guarantees client leads to be distributed yearlong and guaranteed networking meetings.

Participants and attendees will have the opportunity to take advantage of the hundreds of one-on-one networking opportunities with registrants from all of the Employer Healthcare Conferences, providing six times the traffic and networking for everyone attending any of the conferences this year.

For information on sponsorship, branding, and exhibition opportunities please contact:


Joshua Vasquez

Marketing and Engagement Coordinator

(561) 792-4418 ext. 821

[email protected]