The 6th Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress Gears Up

The 6th Annual Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) kicks off today. Registration begins today at 1 PM, where attendees can sign in, receive their material and begin preparing for four days of educational sessions, networking and fun in the nation’s capital Washington D.C.

The event kicks off with the 2nd Annual Global Women’s Leadership Summit ~ Women Leading in the Healthcare, Tourism & Benefits Industry. This is a joint session with the EHBC and the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (WMT & GHC). This summit is dedicated to the business of women’s health and insurance, and will serve as a commitment and vision to share ideas, opportunities and means to overcoming obstacles inherent in the delivery of care and benefits locally and abroad. Speakers include Sibyl Bogardus, Chief Compliance Officer, Hub International Insurance Services Inc; Wendy Lynch, Director, Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care; Founder, Altarum Institute; Lynch Consulting; Renée-Marie Stephano, Esq, President & Chairwoman, Corporate Health & Wellness Association; Melissa Thompson, CEO & Founder; Vice Chair, Board of Directors, TalkSession; Women in Healthcare and Life Sciences; Cristy Kessler, Patient Advocate, Motivational Speaker; Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla, President, American Medical Women’s Association; Dame DC Cordova, CEO, Excellerated Business Schools and Money and You; Elena V. Rios, President & CEO, National Hispanic Medical Association; Dr. Karen Wolfe, Australian Physician, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Author & International Speaker,; Adriana Botti, Founder & CEO, Little Words Project; H.E. Dr. Tebelelo Mazile Seretse, Ambassador to the United States, Botswana; and Brenda Loube, President, Founder, Owner, Corporate Fitness Works.

Many attendees are coming to educate themselves, and become certified in one of the many great programs the EHBC offers. The Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist (CHRS), Certified Healthcare Reform Professional (CHRP), Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS), Certified Voluntary Benefits Specialist (CVBS), Self Insurance Certified Specialist (SICS) all make return appearances to the conference, and are better than ever. These certification programs show you are committed to furthering yourself and your career.

New to the conference and two certifications, the Certified Corporate Fitness Professional (CCFP) and the Certified Corporate Nutrition Professional. These courses are designed for personal trainers and nutritionists respectively. Making the transition to the business world for trainers and nutritionists can be difficult, but these programs will show what you need to know and how to create a healthier  company.

The exhibit hall grand opening will be on Sunday, September 21 at 5:00PM and will feature the first networking sessions of the event, as well as cocktails and music. The exhibit hall will also be home to the Benefits Bingo, where the grand prize winner will receive a Lexus, thanks to New Benefits. Other winners will receive other great prizes, like iPads and gift cards. Make sure to pick up your bingo card and meet with sponsors for your chance to win!

Between than the educational and certification courses, attendees will meet at our Executive Summits. These include the 3rd Annual Medical Directors Summit, the Healthy Foods in the Workplace Forum, the 5th Annual Global Ministerial Summit, and more. These events give key players in the healthcare and benefits industries to meet and discuss their industry, and a platform to enact change.

One of the summits people are most excited for is the Wearable Device Competition, Think Tank & Awards. The wearables competition will allow manufacturers to put their devices directly into the hands of employers, who will then wear them for a 24-hour period and report on them anonymously. The comments will be calculated and winner will be decided. Following this, the Think Tank will put together leading employers, wearable device companies, and consultants under one roof to Identify, articulate and evaluate current wearable fitness technology on the market, discover solutions to current challenges in employer implementation, access evaluations from leading employers, discover criteria employers use to evaluate wearable devices, and develop strategies to increase awareness and maximize engagement.

The EHBC will conclude with the “Day on the Hill” on Wednesday, the 24th. This event will give industry leaders the opportunity to meet with their representatives, to hear what they think the future of healthcare is, and to provide their own opinions on the direction of healthcare in our nation. Attendees interested in the “Day on the Hill” should visit the Health Agents for America (HAFA) booth at 519, and must attend a session on the 23rd.

The 6th Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress is ramping up, and you can be part of the action. Follow us on twitter @EHBCongress, and use the hashtag #EHBC2014 to join the conversation. Submit a photo or video of the Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress during the event, use the hashtag #SuccessStory and mention @EHBCongress and you can win an iPad mini. Enter to win here. Finally, read the conference newsletter, The Daily Energizer to learn more about what is happening in the conference, and learn more about the industries you care about.