Cali Broker Innovations Summit

WHEN: Wednesday, October 4, 2017  |  9:00 AM – 5:45 PM
WHERE: Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC)
WITH: Co-located with the Annual Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, a Global Healthcare Resources (GHR) Event

*Pre-registration Required

Visualize a room full of California’s top producing Agents and Brokers all in one room. You’ve arrived at the 2017 Cali Broker Innovations Summit.

This exclusive event in partnership with California Broker Magazine provides the opportunity to position your brand in front of up to 100 Managing Brokers, Brokers, Managing Agents, and Agents. This captive audience is an excellent networking opportunity with key advisors of the healthcare.

Given the challenges that agents and brokers are facing with the uncertain regulatory climate, this is a unique and unparalleled opportunity for leaders in the agent/broker community to engage in discussion and create more economically viable healthcare solution offerings.

Join in an open and informed discussion around key topics such as:

  • Current Marketplace
  • Strategic Planning
  • Opportunities for Growth
  • Increasing Commissions & Your Client Base
  • Regulatory Challenges
  • Future State of the Industry

Amongst the roundtable discussions, your organization will be able to participate in identifying common challenges and best practices that serve populations well.  You’ll be able to discuss your organization’s initiatives and how you can assist these agents/brokers in offering products and consulting services to help their end clients improve their healthcare infrastructure- ultimately improving the overall health and wellbeing of their population and reducing their bottom line. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your organization and can be the most efficient tool for business development that you have ever utilized.

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