New Release of Corporate Wellness Magazine – Issue 23; Cancer Awareness Edition

Issue #23 of the Corporate Wellness Magazine has been released, This is the only magazine dedicated strictly to employee health, wellness, prevention and disease management. This edition focuses on cancer awareness and educating employees and organizations on key issues surrounding this topic including: the cost of medical, prevention and early detection, cancer screenings within the workplace.

Read the 23rd issue of the monthly magazine dedicated exclusively to Corporate Wellness, Health, Wellness and Prevention at

The 23rd issue of Corporate Wellness Magazine focuses on cancer awareness and includes articles regarding strategies to follow to prevent cancer in corporate employees as well as information on employer sponsored cancer screenings and early detection for breast cancer.

Corporate Wellness Magazine is also the official sponsor of the annual Corporate Wellness Conference,, which will take place October 26-28th, 2011 in Chicago, IL. It is the only national corporate wellness conference to take place in the U.S. The Corporate Wellness Conference is aimed at employers, insurance companies and health insurance agents who have either implemented corporate wellness plans or are interested in implementing corporate wellness plans.


The Corporate Wellness Magazine was created as the main source of information where employers, consultants and health insurance agents can learn about corporate wellness and to provide a central point of communication for an emerging multi-billion dollar industry that is extremely underserved and does not get the attention it deserves. Hundreds of companies provide either insurance products or vendor services and solutions in this corporate wellness industry, and yet there is not a single dedicated magazine or conference for this industry.
The Corporate Wellness Magazine promises to provide readers with the most cutting edge advice and expertise, written by experts actively involved in the corporate wellness industry and who will give readers practical advice.

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