4th Annual On-site Clinics in the Workplace Forum

4th Annual On-site Clinics in the Workplace Forum

Invitation Only with Registration to Congress*

The Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA) is proud to announce its 4th Annual “On-site Clinics in the Workplace Forum.” This roundtable discussion will provide an unprecedented networking opportunity for employers to discuss the growing trend of on-site clinics within the workplace.

On-site clinics are quickly becoming the solution that many organizations are turning to in order to reduce healthcare claims and direct costs, while increasing the productivity, health, retention and healthcare accountability of their employees. Now more than ever, employers are focusing on implementing these cost-saving initiatives in the workplace. On-site clinics help:

  • Ensure that employees have access to quality health care
  • Boost employee productivity 
  • Control health care costs
  • Improve employee retention

Many have asked the CHWA to take the lead in bringing together employers to collaborate on solutions for getting employees high-quality preventative and primary healthcare that is convenient and affordable. Join us for  a unique opportunity to collaborate with other leading employers on successful implementation of on-site clinics in the workplace. This open discussion will also address some of the challenges employers are facing on this issue.  

*If you are a Wellness Manager, Chief Medical Director, Global Wellness Manager or Benefits Director interested in attending please email Sarah Hunt at [email protected]

2014 On-Site Clinics in the Workplace Forum

According to the “Worksite Medical Clinics 2012 Survey Report” from health and human resources consultant Mercer:

15 % Employers with 500-4,999 employees have onsite clinics, with another 11% planning to add a worksite clinic before the end of 2014.

37% Employers with 5,000 or more employees implemented an on-site clinic, with another 15% considering adding their own on-site clinics by the end of 2014.

Taking both employer groups, nearly one-in-three employers offer an on-site clinic for their employees.

If you would like to attend this year’s On-site Clinics in the Workplace Forum please email Sarah Hunt at [email protected]