Wearable Technology at the EHBC


The Corporate Health & Wellness Association for the fifth consecutive year brings employers a collaborative Fitness Wearable Device Think Tank. The Think Tank brings together employers to share their perception, ideas, experiences, and goals around wearables. This high energy and collaborative brainstorming session provides substantial findings that are then shared in a  comprehensive research and industry report.This Think Tank brings leading employers together to:

• Identify and evaluate current health & wellness wearable technology

• Discover solutions to current challenges in implementation

• Develop strategies to increase awareness and maximize engagement

The CHWA provides the ultimate platform for diverse corporations that have implemented wellness programs to demonstrate current wearable technology and – at the same time – have fun doing so! Since employers have hundreds of health & wellness related wearable devices to choose from, the CHWA provides a platform for employers to evaluate the various wearable options.

Don’t miss out as you may go home with a new hip device to try out:)

*If you are a Wellness Manager, Chief Medical Director, Global Wellness Manager or Benefits Director interested in attending please email Sarah Hunt at [email protected].

Secure your spot as a power player and lead the pack in Wearable Technology

Reserve your seat at the 2017 Fitness Wearable Device Think Tank & Challenge, Conference-Wide Attendee Movement Challenge, and the Year-Round Amazing Race Movement Challenge

This year’s event will offer attendees from all backgrounds the ultimate fitness activity challenge. Attendees will use an activity tracking device of their choice to monitor their movement at the EHBC17.

Attendees can track their progress on any mobile device using the EHBC branded fitness platform. The challenge will be socialized on a real-time leaderboard throughout the duration of the event as attendees compete against each other.

Participants will redeem mileage rewards at key exhibitor booths throughout the challenge.

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